How to become a Project Manager

Project Manager

If you are organised and can focus well, a career in project management might be for you. Project managers are hired by a company to lead a project to completion.

Project managers are, simply, people who manage projects. They are in charge of making sure different business ventures run smoothly. This job comes with a great deal of responsibility, as the entire weight of the project will fall on a project manager’s shoulders.

Becoming a project manager means utilising a range of skills: being a good communicator is among one of them, while prospective workers must also be able to be accountable, adaptable and strategic. Good business knowledge is a perk, as well as general knowledge and common sense.

You might be wondering exactly how to become a project manager. People in these careers will normally have a business background, or maybe even a business degree, but the career path to becoming a project manager could also involve a background in the chosen industry.

Once project managers are qualified with a PM certificate, they can enjoy perks like job security – it is a career on the rise – and a great salary. Many people choose to work as a project manager because of the variety of work available – they have the chance to work on lots of different projects.

What degree is most commonly held by a Project Manager?

  • Dip / BA / M of Project Management
  • BA / M of Computer Science
  • BA / M of Civil Engineering
  • BA / M of Information Technology
  • BA / M of Mechanical Engineering
  • BA / M of Architecture
  • BA / M of Business Administration & Management
  • BA / M of Construction Management
  • BA / M of Marketing
  • BA / M of Economics

Career Transportability across Countries

Transportability: Medium
There are vacancies all over the world; however, these typically require a second language; normally the native language of the country. Sometimes, the employers also ask the interviewee to already be a resident of the job’s country, meaning that they might be less willing to organise a work visa. So, while there are options, especially for linguists, often these openings will be already taken by multi-lingual natives.

What is the Salary of a Project Manager?

ExperienceEducationAverage salary | year
Mid-Level1-4 Years€52,248£33,000$43,902
Senior5+ Years€52,248£41,000$54,074
Project Management Director€71,831£65,000$65,886

What skills are needed to become a Project Manager?

  • Project Management
  • Management
  • Project Planning
  • Leadership
  • Microsoft Office
  • Change Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Strategy
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Vendor Management
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Integration
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing
  • Contract Management
  • Team Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Development

Project Manager Courses

When you are initially looking into becoming a project manager, you might want to take our course about The Foundations of Project Management.

After that, you can sharpen your project management skills with our Project Management Principles, Practices and Systems course or our Project Management in the Global Construction Industry course.
  • Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

    Learn the basics of project planning and management so you can run effective projects at work or in daily life

  • Foundations of Project Management

    Explore the fundamental aspects of project management and develop your understanding of traditional project lifecycles

  • Project Management Principles, Practices and Systems

    Grow your project management skills and understand project management methodologies and challenges

  • Business Fundamentals: Project Management

    Gain the basic skills to manage all phases of project lifecycles effectively using the most appropriate methods and tools

  • Time Management Strategies for Project Management

    Develop your time management skills and discover time management strategies to ensure every project you manage runs smoothly

  • Project Management: Beyond the Basics

    Build your existing project management knowledge and develop the skills to manage teams and deliver effective projects

  • The Importance of Project Management in the Global Construction Industry

    Why is the management of construction projects important and why do construction projects fail

  • Getting Started with Agile and Design Thinking

    Get an introduction to agile product development and design thinking so you can build better digital products

  • Digital Product Management

    Build product management skills as you learn how to plan develop and manage a successful and userfocused digital product

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